March monthly winner

Our monthly blanket winner is Regina Madonna, she writes
“Good morning my name is Regina Madonna and I am the winner if the weighted blanket through Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support page. I would like a 6lb blanket.. I am so very excited to receive this for my son. I appreciate it so very much. She wrote to us to tell us that her son is enjoying his blanket and to thank us. What a sweet boy he is! mosaic_monkeyblanket

Springing Forward…Help for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Since today is the start of day-light savings time, we started to think about saying goodbye to winter and hello (finally!) to spring! Initially our thoughts were going to be about all the great spring patterns we have… but then, we also reflected on all the wonderful testimonials we’ve had recently about how our weighted blankets have literally changed lives and brought new hope. So, this blog will share just one of those testimonials…from a mom having a daughter suffering from PTSD and depression.  Continue reading

Owls, Space and Minky Stripes – SPD help from Mosaic Weighted Blankets

What do Owls, Space and Minky Stripes have in common?

Kids with sensory processing challenges (SPD) will love them all! Cute owls, exciting space scenes, and lots of other fun fabrics to choose from (or you can provide your own unique fabric selection for a completely customized blanket)…and all Mosaic weighted blankets are constructed to provide a super tactile experience…promoting calming and improved sleep. And now with a Minky Stripe option as well…!

A new feature, the Minky Stripe, has recenty been added to Mosaic Weighted Blankets’ offering. This is a sensory 1-2 inch strip of minky fabric sewn onto one side of the blanket. It provides a great soft and cuddly tactile sensation for those with sensory needs. Continue reading

Sensory Issues? Mosaic Weighted Blankets Can Improve Quality of Life

Another testimonial, this one about how Mosaic Weighted Blankets® provided a Christmas Eve solution for a Missouri man’s sensory issues. His wife ordered his gift a bit late, but it arrived just as Santa was leaving on Christmas Eve! His gift was a royal blue plaid, 20 lb, men’s large Mosaic weighted blanket. The woman ordering it said that her husband liked pressure on his feet, and after receiving it and finding it a great sensory solution, his wife wrote to Mosaic Weighted Blankets: Continue reading

Fitbit Device Measures Improved Sleep with Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Wearable Fitness Devices Track a Better Night’s Sleep 

Poor sleep plagues 40% of adults. Yet, sleep is so fundamental to our overall health; so how can we improve our natural sleep rhythm? Part of the answer is in increasing our awareness of our daily sleeping habits, gaining insights beyond, “I’m not getting enough sleep!” Continue reading

Mosaic Weighted Blankets’ Latest Giveaway: Easing SPD Symptoms

Congratulations to our most recent blanket giveaway winner, Angela, who wanted to win a blanket from Mosaic Weighted Blankets® to help with her daughter’s SPD  issues. 

“My daughter, Jesyca, had been diagnosed with ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorder and Depression and Oppossitional Defiant Disorder and at 4 was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder, she has been able to use a weighted blanket at school and at her daycare since she had an IEP from 4 to 6….we had been looking for a weighted blanket (for home use) for a long time, and we couldn’t figure out how to make one, I saw the giveaway in the past and I thought what would it hurt, when I entered and found out we won we were so excited!”   Continue reading

A Lasting Christmas Gift – A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Lovely feedback from a recent customer who had ordered a Mosaic Weighted Blanket as a Christmas gift for her son. She wanted him to have it to help with anxiety, sleep issues and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She said that her son’s new blanket arrived and, “He loves it already so thank you very much!!! Typically he needs sleeping medication to fall asleep and it only took him 8 minutes under his blanket before he was out!” 

Continue reading

One Happy Astronaut with his new Mosiac Weighted Blanket!

Was there a Mosaic Weighted Blanket under your Christmas tree yesterday? We love hearing from customers. Here is some terrific feedback from Tommy’s mom about his new weighted blanket…

“Thank you SO much for our little guy Tommy’s space themed weighted blanket!! He received it for Christmas this morning, and he LOVES it!!!”  Continue reading

Give a senior you love a gift that will hug them all year long

Looking for a great gift for a grandparent or other senior in your life? Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a line called, “Featherweight Blankets”, which are lighter-weight, and make lovely gifts that are very warm and soothing to older people.  Says founder Laura LeMond, “We have elegant patterns, dignified plaids and sturdy colors that will be a lovely addition to their home. We have over 50 pattern and solid combinations for the featherweight line.” It’s weighted with the same non-toxic poly-pellets used for years in the company’s larger blankets, but weighs only 3 – 5 lbs.  Continue reading

Should You Buy A Weighted Blanket for a Christmas or Holiday Gift?

Worldwide homoeopathic market is focusing now on weighted blankets, should you buy one for someone for Christmas or holiday gift?

From the US, to Canada, down under and beyond to England, Mosaic Weighted Blankets has exploded with blanket orders from all over the US and internationally. Have you ever considered ordering a weighted blanket for someone as a holiday gift?  If so, here is some advice to help you navigate the world of hand-sewn weighted blankets and to help you select just the right one. Weighted blankets are catching on in popularity (think of a bean bag and a blanket combined), and due to their construction they are a higher priced item. So here are some things to consider when purchasing one for a loved one – child, friend, parent or grandparent – to unwrap on that special day.  Continue reading