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How heavy should my weighted blanket be? Weight Chart Included!

Are you ordering a weighted blanket? What is the best weight?  Is there a formula for weighted blankets? We hear from customers every day, and wanted to share - the industry standard is that most OT’s and PTs recommend 10% of body weight plus a couple of pounds. Some people prefer more weight, some people prefer less weight.
If you or your loved...

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Walt Disney: ADHD

Walt Disney is thought to have had ADD/ADHD as a child. He obviously is highly creative and could conceive and draw out of his imagination onto paper.

Walt was definitely gifted, other things that allude to his ADHD

Preferred to spend his time drawing all of the time

Was a poor student

Dropped out of school at 16

Risk taker and emotional, tried to enlist...

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Sensory Processing Disorder Behaviors

If your child has been diagnosed with SPD, or Sensory Processing Disorder, here is a go to list for behaviors…. Helpful


A weighted blanket can calm a child with SPD – it’s a strong tool to help your child when he or she is upset and needs quiet and calm down. A weighted blanket can be a miracle for the...

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers to sell blankets through affiliates

[caption id="attachment_594" align="alignright" width="300"] A Mosaic Weighted Blanket can calm people who are ill, anxious or upset. They feel like a firm hug, making one feel relaxed and safe.[/caption]

Please come and join our affiliate program! If you are regularly suggesting or prescribing a weighted blanket, Mosaic offers a great product that you know you can reliably recommend to patients...

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