A Lasting Christmas Gift – A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Lovely feedback from a recent customer who had ordered a Mosaic Weighted Blanket as a Christmas gift for her son. She wanted him to have it to help with anxiety, sleep issues and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She said that her son’s new blanket arrived and, “He loves it already so thank you very much!!! Typically he needs sleeping medication to fall asleep and it only took him 8 minutes under his blanket before he was out!” 

And Mom continued on with further comments: “This afternoon my son snagged my friend’s blanket too.” Her son then apparently declared he was going to test drive it for the friend since he had the experience with weighted blankets! Mom said, “After an hour or so he declared that he needed a new one for himself that was like a cloak so he could wear it during homework. So here I am placing another order.”

Spiderman-themed Mosaic Weighted Blanket for a good night's sleep

Just one example of Mosaic Weighted Blankets’ great fabric selection…spidery sleep !

We love hearing great success stories from our customers. We’ve definitely seen an uptick in blanket orders for children with anxiety, PTSD and sleep disorders. Laura LeMond, Mosaic Weighted Blankets’ founder, recalls an order from a family who were the adoptive parents of a 5 year old boy from the war torn Congo experiencing PTSD symptoms. Several Occupational Therapists suggested he needed a weighted blanket to ease his symptoms, and his Mosaic weighted blanket helped provide comfort and sleep. Often several members of a family order a blanket. LeMond has heard so many instances where a family’s health and happiness has significantly improved from their embracing one or more Mosaic weighted blankets!

blue angry birds, a fun weighted blanket option for sleep!

Another fabric example…blue angry birds!

Weighted blankets are designed to provide deep pressure touch stimulation which helps the body relax. Like a massage, moderate pressure applied to the body fosters the natural production of endorphins and serotonin, which is thought to provide a state of well-being and calm, and be helpful in inducing sleep. Serotonin transforms to melatonin, which research has shown helps maintain sleep throughout the night. Patients and Occupational Therapists (OTs) alike say the blanket feels like being held or cuddled, making one also feel calm and safe. 



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