A weighted blanket brings relief to a family with sleep issues

When Theresa discovered Mosaic Weighted Blankets online, she knew her friend and single-mom, Isabel, needed to have one in her household. Isabel has two boys, ages 16 and 10. Her 10 year old, David, is the one who would benefit from weighted blanket therapy.

David has significant ADHDHe is constantly fidgeting and jumping around – he can’t even sit through a movie. David is also a sleepwalker and a very restless sleeper.  He is in constant motion virtually all the time. They tried medications but stimulants made him twitch so he couldn’t continue them. 

Mosaic Weighted Blanket in Use, testimonial“I am not kidding when I tell you, since he started sleeping with the blanket, he will go to bed, I will start reading a book to him and not 2 to 3 minutes later he is out cold.  He is sleeping through the night with very minimal movement now,” says Isabel.

In addition, it was always so difficult for Isabel to wake her son for school because he wasn’t getting enough sleep. Now, he is much easier to wake.

“What a difference this blanket has made in my life,” concludes Isabel. ” And David’s life too.” 

We hear from so many of our customers having ADHD and sleep challenges, that a weighted blanket has helped! We are so happy to have helped David and his family!


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