ADHD Symptom Relief Through Use of A Weighted Blanket

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® recently heard from our May blanket giveaway winner, Lizz.

Lizz entered our monthly drawing with a lot of enthusiasm, hoping that a weighted blanket might help calm her 6 year old son Brandon’s ADHD symptoms.


Brandon is very distracted and fidgets a lot. He has been diagnosed as having the combined form of ADHD, so he experiences symptoms relating to inattention as well as hyperactivity and impulsivity. Lizz has tried a variety of different ADHD medications to help reduce Brandon’s squirming and hyperactivity, but hasn’t found one that works well.  

A friend of Lizz’s thought a weighted blanket might help him calm down during the daytime as well as help improve his ability to sleep at night. Lizz was so excited to hear that she was Mosaic Weighted Blankets May giveaway winner!

When she received Brandon’s new weighted blanket – a spiffy Rad Riders bike theme – she was really hoping it might offer some relief.

Young boys with ADHD may finally slow down, calm themselves and relax using a weighted blanket as a touchpoint

Children with ADHD may finally slow down, calm themselves and sleep more restfully using a weighted blanket as a touch point. Here’s Brandon’s blanket…Cool!

A lot of kids with ADHD suffer from sleep issues and restlessness, and some also experience sleeping problems given their medication. The NY Times Health Guide on ADHD states that one study showed as much as 63% of children with ADHD has trouble sleeping. We’ve seen other customers have great results with their kids’ ADHD and insomnia symptoms through the use of their weighted blankets…so we were eagerly awaiting word back from Lizz.

 So, what did Mom report back to Mosaic Weighted Blankets? Happily, Lizz is very pleased with the results! Brandon uses his weighted blanket to calm himself; he’ll pull it up next to him while doing his homework and also while trying to relax before bedtime. Occupational Therapists have recommended that a buffer time – some quiet time set aside before bedtime – is helpful to lower the natural activity level in hyperactive kids.

Lizz said that when Brandon snuggles up with it, “He uses it more as a fidget toy; it helps with his hands and legs always wanting to shake or move as now he has something to touch. He likes cuddling with it instead of wearing it, he likes the bikes on it, and he likes the color and the beads inside as he likes to play with them.”

 When Brandon sleeps with his blanket, he kicks it off fairly quickly during the night…but Lizz finds him snuggling with it in the morning. She definitely feels it has helped him as a self-calming solution and would recommend it to others. We at Mosaic Weight Blankets are happy to hear positive results from another customer.

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 (Child’s name changed for privacy reasons).

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