Autism Help – There’s An App For That (Actually, There Are Many)

We at Mosaic Weighted Blankets keep hearing about yet another great iPhone and iPad app for parents of kids with autism or other special needs.  So many apps, how confusing...yet, the iPad is a wonder, with its focus on fine motor, speech and cognitive skills development (and so much more!)…We wondered if there was a comprehensive resource out there to help people find particular apps on the popular mobile devices out there today. We found a few that we thought we’d pass along…all contain listings of hundreds of applications focused on children with autism as well as other special needs.  


Tap to Talk interface (  – over 1,000 apps listed for those with special needs and disabilities, over 400 apps actually have been reviewed. Apps are broken out by focus area (fine motor, communications, language, listening). They also have a tool to help identify the best iPad configuration for a special needs child. This organization also raises money (you can donate on their site), some of which is used to fund loaner equipment to assist low income families. another site with listings by focus area, also includes apps focused on assessments and data collection. – over 600 iPad/phone/touch apps, over 200 Android apps and books. Includes an apps review section sorted by focus area (language development, motor skills, etc)

Autism Apps is a free app available on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. It is an informative and searchable list of actual apps that are being used by people who have either been diagnosed themselves with an autism spectrum disorder, or who have children who have been diagnosed. Autism Apps has over 30 different categories and the app includes links to any available information that can be found for each app. It is easy to download and use.

One last resource can be found at AutismSpeaks.Org. They maintain a comprehensive list of apps that they have found and/or have been suggested by their community. The apps indicate that platforms that they are supported on (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android) and provides an area of focus. Some of the areas are: Communication, Behavior Intervention, Social Skills, Functional Skills, Recreation and more. They welcome submissions of new apps that you may come across that you’d like to share with others.

Hope you find this helpful… and please share if you have another suggestion as to a great site or app!

Best, Diane at Mosaic Weighted Blankets




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