Calming Children with Autism

A Weighted Blanket can help calm a child with autism.

Calming Children with Autism

The number of children suffering from autism is growing in the U.S. If you know a child with autism, you know how a shift in routine or even overstimulation can create a complete breakdown. Luckily, there is an easy way to calm them when that occurs.

First, be sure that you have a solid routine from day to day. Autism creates a need for routine, and developing a plan of activities a child can look forward to will help to diminish the chances of a breakdown. If, however, one occurs, be sure to focus on changing things within the child’s environment. For example, if there’s a noise or a light that is bothering the child, see what you can do to change it.

One study has suggested that regular exposure to pets or other kinds of animals may help to reduce mood problems. From working with therapy dogs to horseback riding, those who play with animals show a better awareness of their surroundings as well as better moods on a routine basis.

Yoga and deep breathing techniques can also soothe an autistic child. The movement of the positions is often enough to help relieve the pressure they’re feeling inside. Music may also be soothing. Turn it on fairly low and see if you can find a style your child responds to.

Weighted Blankets

Finally, consider purchasing a weighted blanket. This can help calm a child during a particularly stressful time because of the effect that the firm nature of the blanket on their bodies.

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