Cyber-bullying Victims May Experience PTSD

With so much in the news these days about cyber-bullying, we couldn’t help but notice several articles discussing how when kids have been bullied, in many cases they are later found to be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); which include anxieties, insomnia, the inability to focus and the tendency to be in a hyper-vigilant state (kind of like waiting for that second shoe to drop). Many kids can’t deal with the trauma they experience when they are victims of this type of abuse. We’ve definitely seen a lot of sad press lately about suicides, cutting and other escapes these kids have chosen to deal with their pain and isolation.

Cyber-bullying victims can suffer from PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and inability to relax.

Cyber-bullying victims can suffer from PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and the inability to relax.

In particular there was one interesting article in Psychology Today. One can only imagine how much “cyber-bullying” is evolving with all of the technology now that makes is so easy to be so cruel so quickly! Smart phones, social media…applications like Snapchat, which allows kids to swap photos that supposedly “disappear” in a few seconds… this seemingly has made kids much bolder in the types of photos they widely share, which may be explicit photos of someone else, shared socially just to be cruel. The Psychology Today article states that bullying has actually been officially added to the tradition medical definition of PTSD. It cites this from its source,…

The most recent version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistic Manual, which all doctors use to diagnose mental illness) recently updated it’s definition of PTSD to note that, although PTSD has traditionally been thought to be caused by a single, life-threatening event (or, at least, an event that seemed to be life threatening), in the case of trauma such as bullying, PTSD can also come about by way of an “accumulation of many small, individually non-life-threatening incidents.” 

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® has seen research relating to PTSD victims being comforted by weighted blankets, and we have previously posted one soldier’s testimonial about how his weighted blanket (carried around by him while in combat!) was the only thing that could help him sleep. We will also be sharing a customer story with you in our next blog post about a young foster child experiencing PTSD, and how his blanket helped him with his night terrors and PTSD.

To find out more about how you can ensure your child isn’t a victim of cyber-bullying, check out the Cyber-Bully Hotline

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