Relaxation at the Dentist – A “Weighted Blanket” with Paws!

We recently saw a wonderful photo that has been widely circulated on the internet and social media… we couldn’t help but feel that a weighted blanket would be “almost” as good as this dentist’s novel therapy to provide relaxation to his nervous patient! (we can’t compete with Fido…or can we?)

Mosaic Weighted Blankets applauds this dentist...he figures out another way to provide relaxation for his young patients!

Mosaic Weighted Blankets applauds this dentist…he figured out another way to provide a “weighted blanket” and relaxation for his young patients!








Dental Anxiety:  

Even for adults, dental anxiety can cause a great deal of stress. I myself am often incredibly content when they drape that heavy x-ray apron/bib over me, there is something about having it almost as a “shield” between the dental staff and their equipment…and me! Maybe that is why my weighted blanket works so well.

We previously posted info on a research study that looked at children who had developmental challenges, and how their stress could be reduced while visiting the dentist. Along with lighting changes, music and a vibrating chair…a weighted blanket was introduced. The findings showed that calming occurred earlier in the children who were provided with these types of modifications.

So don’t forget to bring your weighted blanket to the dentist…or better yet, suggest that they get a few for their office. 


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