Austin American Statesman Article Includes Mosaic Weighted Blankets

We’re pleased to announce that Mosaic Weighted Blankets has been included in an article in the Austin American Statesman!

The section of “Raising Austin” included an article titled, “Austin moms design products for play and sleep”.  Our blankets were selected as one of the featured items in this article.

Here’s what the Statesman had to say:

mosaic weighted blanket foundersLocal moms Laura LeMond and Beth Peacock bonded over their lack of sleep. Restless leg syndrome was keeping Peacock awake. Lemond’s sensory integration issues were caused by being born two months early, she says, and kept her from falling asleep and staying asleep. They each had techniques they had adapted: sand bags around them or books at their feet.

The duo, who have five children between them, developed Mosaic Weighted Blankets to hug the body, helping to release serotonin and endorphins to relax the body. They liken it to being swaddled as a baby or getting a full-body massage. The blankets are custom made for each person to get the right size to cover the body from the ankles to about the armpits and to get the right weight, which depends on the person’s size, weight and physical needs. The blankets are used in 20 and 30 minute intervals. Typically, a person wears it to fall asleep and then naturally kicks it off. If they wake up again, they pull it back on and go back to sleep.

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