Give a senior you love a gift that will hug them all year long

Looking for a great gift for a grandparent or other senior in your life? Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a line called, “Featherweight Blankets”, which are lighter-weight, and make lovely gifts that are very warm and soothing to older people.  Says founder Laura LeMond, “We have elegant patterns, dignified plaids and sturdy colors that will be a lovely addition to their home. We have over 50 pattern and solid combinations for the featherweight line.” It’s weighted with the same non-toxic poly-pellets used for years in the company’s larger blankets, but weighs only 3 – 5 lbs. 
LeMond has a mother who is 82 and resides in an assisted living facility. One day her mom tried a weighted blanket and loved it. “My mom usually feels cold and she likes the warmth of her weighted blanket. She also sleeps better with it on her legs at night.  She hauls it all over the house with her, she really loves it.” The blankets address so many senses: tactile (fabric and the bean bag effect), temperature, pressure, visual and a sense of self-holding. senior_lady_red_dots_blanket_cropped
Every year millions of Americans are widowed and when you are alone at night, you get touched less, and held less. This blanket, because of its evenly distributed weight can simulate a hug, that tight unspoken feeling that we like of being cuddled and comforted. LeMond knew from her work with the special needs community that this was the case with a weighted blanket; they comfort people and calm them down.
senior_man_blue_plaid_croppedToday, there are some 75 million Americans who are seniors. To this growing community LeMond suggests, “Get up and move for 10 – 20 minutes in the morning, practice good sleep habits, and sleep with a weighted blanket at night – it’s good for you, you will get deeper rest and also, you don’t have to take a little blue pill to go to sleep. These blankets are natural and they are an absolute miracle for a lot of people; they really tend to hit the proverbial “sleep spot”.
Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a sale running through midnight tonight, Saturday Dec 7th! Enter Code L761UVW545X5 and receive $10 Off.
Can’t figure out the perfect color or fabric? Give your loved one a gift certificate and let them pick out their perfect pattern and weight. They will enjoy your holiday “hug” all year long!
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