Hi there! I asked Laura at Mosaic Weighted blankets if she would be willing to write a guest post for my website about weighted blankets. As a mom of two kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, I can honestly say that weighted blankets have made a “ginormous” difference in the lives of my two SPD kiddos…and in mine as well. I hope that you find this as informative and helpful as I did. Shoot, after reading that using a weighted blanket can affect the pineal gland of the brain and possibly help my body produce more serotonin and melatonin, I think it’s time I set aside the funds to get a weighted blanket of my own! (I’ve been wanting one for ages now, anyway.)  :-)  

Who can a weighted blanket help? (Are they just for kids?)

September 16, 2014Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Some people think that weighted blankets are just for kids.

That’s not true! A grownup can have issues that affect the nervous system, including SPD (sensory processing disorder), ADHD, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. We sell blankets to many children and adults with these disorders.

Some people have trouble with naturally falling asleep, many suffer from sleep issues, in fact 22 million (about 20% of the US population) has trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. We have lots of happy customers who have reported back that they are sleeping better and longer with a weighted blanket.

Another issue that a weighted blanket can help is anxiety – it’s estimated that about 18% of our society has anxiety issues (18 million), our blankets help this population as well -they provide calm and comfort.

One of our best selling blankets is our large weighted blanket (42 inches by 72 inches) it’s the size of a twin size bed spread. Did you know that a weighted blanket that is 5% to 10% of your body weight can engage your sleep hormones and help you rest longer and attain a better level of sleep?

Adult Weighted Blanket


There is a gland in the back of our brains called the pineal gland that expresses serotonin and melatonin and the pressure of a weighted blanket causes it to put more of that into your system at night. Even a small increase in the brain can make a huge difference for sleep. A weighted blanket can be a real miracle for the right person.

What’s the right weight for you? We recommend 5% to 10% of your ideal body weight.benefits of weighted blankets

Our customers tell us “This product is fantastic!! It feels really good and relaxing. Laura makes the process easy and fun. I really enjoyed picking out the fabric. I would recommend weighted blankets to everyone!!” and another one says “I haven’t slept this well in years… the last time I slept this well I was 16 years old.”

So grab your weighted blanket at night… just like you would have a cup of coffee in the morning, and see if it doesn’t help. We have evidence that this small change can help your quality of life.

For an adult Large weighted blanket, again, you need 5% to 10% of ideal body weight for both of the Women’s and Men’s sizes.

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Mindy here: I just wanted to add my own personal testimonial ~ 
My youngest daughter was never able to sleep more than a few hours at a time. When she turned 2, she was still waking as often as a newborn. Needless to say, we were both tired. Shoot, let’s just keep it real – I was an exhausted mess. Sleep deprivation will do that to ya! At our first visit with the occupational therapist, right after her 2nd birthday, it was suggested that we might benefit from a weighted blanket. I was up for anything at that point, and I had read about weighted blankets but

This photo is of my own daughter sleeping peacefully with her weighted blanket.

didn’t know if they would help my little one. Well, the first night we used a weighted blanket, my little munchkin slept through the night without waking even once!! This was an answer to prayer!! For the next two weeks she slept through the night every single night. It was like heaven to this worn-out mama! We have been using a weighted blanket for her (and for my oldest daughter who has SPD) ever since, and will never go back. Not only does it help her to sleep better (and in all honesty, she still wakes a lot at night…but nothing like she used to!!), but it helps her to settle and relax, and when her body gets out of whack, lying under the sensory blanket helps her a lot in resettling. My oldest says she falls asleep more easily with her weighted blanket, and she feels more secure sleeping with it. (She tends to be a fearful child, but the weight of the blanket seems to help a lot with that.)

Shoot, I have used my kids weighted blankets a time or two, and I love them as well!! One of these days (soon, I hope!) I am going to get one for myself. They really are super nice and a great way to settle your body and feel more grounded. 


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