Our ADD ADHD Series featuring Ryan Gosling

In our person with ADD/ADHD series we feature Ryan Gosling this week!

ADD/ADHD person of the week for

Ryan Gosling
Ryan grew up in Canada
He moved multiple times as a child, his father traveled for business
His parents divorced when he was young
Was termed “unable to read” in school and eventually read later than most of his peers
Was diagnosed with ADHD in school
He was fascinated by Rambo, watched it over and over 
Took knives to school and threw them at other kids
Was suspended from school 
He was prescribed Ritalin and placed in special needs classroom
His mother pulled him out of school to home school him, he says it gave him a wonderful sense of autonomy that he has never lost 
He is a natural mimic, can imitate anyone and began to talk like Marlon Brando
He idolized and imitated Marlon Brando 
He was bullied
He had no friends growing up in elementary school
He dropped out of school when he was 17

Ryan Gossling performed from an early age, he said it was the only thing that he received praise for
He sang at weddings from a young age with his sister
He worked in an Elvis act with his uncle
He danced in the ballet 

At 12 he went to a Mickey Mouse Club audition and made the show 
Ryan Gosling is a movie star, his film presence is compelling and he has only started on a very successful acting career, he has made 24 films

You never know who your kid will turn out to be, Ryan is a complicated person, and now he is Ryan Gosling, but he jumped some hurdles to get there!

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