Our Top 3 Blogs on Sensory Processing Disorder

Oftentimes, the medical community leaves us confused and alone when it comes to diagnoses of the neuro-behavioral sort. The last thing a parent facing one of these disorders needs is to feel along though. The very last thing. In the olden-days, we were told to join a support group. These days, we have the internet.

Now resources are everywhere — resources to educate ourselves on our child’s diagnosis, resources to see what other parents with similar children are going through, and resources to ask for some been-there-done-that wisdom that a medical professional can’t provide — all on the Internet. And even sweeter, you can be completely anonymous in seeking this help, if that’s your thing. 

One of my favorite ways to find community and support is through blogs. They provide all that been-there-done-that wisdom that can be like a pot of gold for a parent just starting their journey with a child with a new diagnosis. And many blogs have a community, through the website itself or through other forum-type settings, like a Facebook page. 

Following are our Top 3 Blogs to follow on Sensory Processing Disorder/Sensory Integration Disorder:


1. The SPD Blogger Network: What’s better than one blogger’s story? The story of dozens of bloggers, all parenting a child with SPD, all in one place. That is the beauty of  The SPD Blogger Network. 


2. Voices of Sensory Processing Disorder: Again, a nice collaborative effort to bring many views and family stories about SPD. 

3. SPD Blog: This blog is unique in that it is written by an adult with SPD and autism. This perspective is so valuable when our children can’t express how they’re feeling or don’t know the way they’re feeling is different from others. 

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