A Lasting Christmas Gift – A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Lovely feedback from a recent customer who had ordered a Mosaic Weighted Blanket as a Christmas gift for her son. She wanted him to have it to help with anxiety, sleep issues and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She said that her son’s new blanket arrived and, “He loves it already so thank you very much!!! Typically he needs sleeping medication to fall asleep and it only took him 8 minutes under his blanket before he was out!” 

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One Happy Astronaut with his new Mosiac Weighted Blanket!

Was there a Mosaic Weighted Blanket under your Christmas tree yesterday? We love hearing from customers. Here is some terrific feedback from Tommy’s mom about his new weighted blanket…

“Thank you SO much for our little guy Tommy’s space themed weighted blanket!! He received it for Christmas this morning, and he LOVES it!!!”  Continue reading

Give a senior you love a gift that will hug them all year long

Looking for a great gift for a grandparent or other senior in your life? Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a line called, “Featherweight Blankets”, which are lighter-weight, and make lovely gifts that are very warm and soothing to older people.  Says founder Laura LeMond, “We have elegant patterns, dignified plaids and sturdy colors that will be a lovely addition to their home. We have over 50 pattern and solid combinations for the featherweight line.” It’s weighted with the same non-toxic poly-pellets used for years in the company’s larger blankets, but weighs only 3 – 5 lbs.  Continue reading

Should You Buy A Weighted Blanket for a Christmas or Holiday Gift?

Worldwide homoeopathic market is focusing now on weighted blankets, should you buy one for someone for Christmas or holiday gift?

From the US, to Canada, down under and beyond to England, Mosaic Weighted Blankets has exploded with blanket orders from all over the US and internationally. Have you ever considered ordering a weighted blanket for someone as a holiday gift?  If so, here is some advice to help you navigate the world of hand-sewn weighted blankets and to help you select just the right one. Weighted blankets are catching on in popularity (think of a bean bag and a blanket combined), and due to their construction they are a higher priced item. So here are some things to consider when purchasing one for a loved one – child, friend, parent or grandparent – to unwrap on that special day.  Continue reading

Think Pink for the Holidays

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Today’s Stressful Reality: 18% of Adults Suffer Anxiety Symptoms

Over 40 million adults experience anxiety in a given year. And you or a loved one may be one of them and not even realize it. There are so many forms of anxiety, some more serious than others, and some are completely life-altering. But all impact a person’s quality of life, as well as the life of family members and loved ones. What should you know about anxiety symptoms and its causes? And what can help? Continue reading

Restless Legs Remedies – Mosaic Weighted Blankets Can Help

Mosaic Weighted Blankets just issued a new press release focused on Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). We have received so many customer testimonials about how a weighted blanket has truly helped ease uncomfortable RLS symptoms for people…so we did some additional research and thought we’d pass along some therapy suggestions from experts, RLS patients and occupational therapists. Take the list and discuss with your doctor. There are also a lot of great resources online focused on restless legs remedies.

Here is our press release: 

Restless Legs Remedies – Symptom Reduction is Possible

About 10% of the population is thought to suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Changes in lifestyle, as well as the use of pressure stimulation on the legs, such as through a weighted blanket from Mosaic Weighted Blankets, can help reduce leg pain at night.

Pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket may ease the symptoms of RLSAustin, Texas (PRWEB) October 15, 2013

Stretching, pressure therapy and massage are just a few RLS patient favorites for reducing the disorder’s symptoms. Weighted blankets (think of a blanket with dozens of little bean bag-like squares sewn across its length, hugging your legs, like a massage, with your every move) have also been found to be effective with many people in improving their sleep. RLS is a tricky disorder as everyone experiences symptoms a bit differently. So what exactly is RLS? What are the causes of restless legs syndrome, and what are some therapies that can help people suffering from the disorder?

Read the press release in its entirety here.

For more information about Restless Legs Syndrome, including recent research and a helpful patient support forum, check out the RLS website. They have a downloadable sleep journal as well as a self-diagnostic tool to help you determine if your symptoms could be due to RLS. Note that RLS is now referred to as Willis-Ekborn Disease.


Autism Cause: Autism Speaks & Mosaic Weighted Blankets Thanks You!

The Autism Speaks event in Austin Saturday was great fun! Met lots of cool families, supporters and professionals who work with ASD and SPD. Read about the 35,000 attendees at this local news-site.

So heart-warming to see all the participants and family team members walking to support this great autism cause! Hope you all enjoyed the resource fair, as well as the event. Mosaic Weighted Blankets was so happy to support such a worthwhile fundraiser! Thanks to everyone who came out and/or helped support the walk!

Our favorite t-shirt from the event, it was designed by an occupational therapist for her group!

Example of a team t-shirt at at the Austin Austism Speaks Walk, a great autism cause!

Austin Walk team t-shirt…love it!

Check out the Autism Speaks website for more information on other event supporting the autism cause!



Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group: Weighted Blanket Winner!

Mosaic Weighted Blankets wants to welcome our many new Facebook community members from the Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support group!

Check out the SPDPS Facebook page for some great information and support!

Oliver enjoying his Mosaic Weighted Blanket!

Oliver enjoying his Mosaic Weighted Blanket!

We recently held a special monthly giveaway, and the winner was Oliver’s mom, from the Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support group… Says mom, “Oliver loves it!!! Thank you for producing such a high quality, fun blanket with a purpose!”

Says Mosaic Weighted Blankets founder Laura LeMond, “Weighted blankets are an absolute miracle for  kids like Oliver who tend to respond well to deep pressure touch stimulation as therapy. We have heard so many testimonials from families all over the country who have seen their kids seriously slow down, calm themselves and relax using a weighted blanket as a touch point. We have seen kids that have never slept through the night finally get relief.”

So happy to see another happy kid!

We have so many new and fun fabrics…check them out! And don’t forget to get your Christmas orders in early!

photo (63)mosaic_monkeyblanket





Check out all the great kids’ fabrics on our website

Kids having SPD can get a good night’s sleep

Another testimonial we just received…

“Want to say thank you! We got a blanket from Mosaic Weighted Blankets as a gift and (it) has been the best thing for my SPD son! He asks for it as soon as we get home!”

SPD boy with is weighted blanket

Curled up with his Mosaic Weighted Blanket…

Look at this fellow sleep with the help of some SPD weighted blanket therapy!…and sleep….and sleep some more… so cute.  

Says Mosiac Weighted Blankets founder Laura LeMond, “I have sensory integration issues and a child with ADD, but when I started this company, I had no idea how many families in the Austin area and nationwide have a child, teen or adult who has ADD/ADHD, ASD (Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorders) and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorders). And many of these people can’t relax and get a good night’s sleep. I have been overwhelmed with orders from these families. Many times I get 3-4 blanket orders for everyone in the family!”

Thanks to mom for sending in the photos. We love hearing from our customers.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets are great for kids, teens and adults with sensory integration issues. Fabrics breathe and are made with professional grade materials to last. Machine washable and safe. Non-toxic poly-pellets are sewn into each quilting square with reinforced seams, creating the therapeutic weighted effect. The blankets are not about being heavy, it is about providing gentle pressure therapy.

So many cute fabrics to choose from, too.