Going on a Trip? Pack your Mosaic Weighted Blanket! Megan did…

We just got a lovely email from a customer, Megan. So nice to hear about her first trip to the ocean, and how her weighted blanket made the trip with her! 


Megan’s first trip to the ocean, and her weighted blanket wasn’t far from her side

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to share a story about my travel-sized weighted blanket. This past weekend, I took my first ocean beach vacation together with my roommates. We went to Ocean City, MD, which is a few hours’ drive from here. I packed my bags and brought my weighted blanket along for the journey. I used it in the car, fidgeting with the blanket’s beads when I got nervous driving over the Bay Bridge, and snuggling with it in the front seat. My roommate and I had a fun conversation about Biblical prophecies along the way, too.  Continue reading

Sleeping “Soundly & Securely” Thanks to Mosaic Weighted Blankets!

We just got a wonderful email from a customer who was happy to have us share it with you… (we just love hearing from our customers!)…Tina’s son has had sleeping issues for years, and was diagnosed with learning disabilities and ADHD in the 6th grade. 

Here is the letter:

My son, Ryan, was always a very “busy” child; he had to be on the move all the time, and his attention span was short regarding things that didn’t interest him. He never liked to sleep alone, and had trouble falling asleep as well as sleeping through the night.

At school, he did very well socially but always seemed to struggle with his writing, spelling and reading skills. Luckily, he attended a school that was very progressive and child centered, and thus was supportive and flexible to his needs during these early years. We also went through years of Occupational Therapy to support his challenges.

In the 6th grade, he started having to deal with standardized testing requirements, and we had him tested for “learning differences”. It was determined that he had Dyslexia (difficulty with reading fluency), Dysgraphia (difficulty with writing fluency), and ADHD (trouble with focusing for long periods of time).

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets Sponsors The Golden Hat Foundation

Austin, Texas. June 29, 2013: News release.    

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® today announced its sponsorship of The Golden Hat Foundation. Along with the company’s financial support of the non-profit’s fundraising efforts, founder Laura LeMond is encouraging local families to participate in the foundation’s upcoming August 17, Walk for Autism, to be held at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock.  There will be a walk and parade, along with an interactive resource fair and many fun, family-themed activities. Registration and a donation page can be found at  

The goal for the event is to raise $75 thousand to support The Golden Hat Foundation’s key mission, “To fuel the continuing efforts to increase awareness of the intellectual capabilities of those with autism.” In addition, funds will help with the establishment of an innovative living campus in the Austin, Texas area. The campus – along with others that will be built nationwide – will be designed to honor all individuals on the spectrum, providing an environment that supports their unique strengths and needs.  

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ADHD Symptom Relief Through Use of A Weighted Blanket

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® recently heard from our May blanket giveaway winner, Lizz.

Lizz entered our monthly drawing with a lot of enthusiasm, hoping that a weighted blanket might help calm her 6 year old son Brandon’s ADHD symptoms.


Brandon is very distracted and fidgets a lot. He has been diagnosed as having the combined form of ADHD, so he experiences symptoms relating to inattention as well as hyperactivity and impulsivity. Lizz has tried a variety of different ADHD medications to help reduce Brandon’s squirming and hyperactivity, but hasn’t found one that works well.  

A friend of Lizz’s thought a weighted blanket might help him calm down during the daytime as well as help improve his ability to sleep at night. Lizz was so excited to hear that she was Mosaic Weighted Blankets May giveaway winner!

When she received Brandon’s new weighted blanket – a spiffy Rad Riders bike theme – she was really hoping it might offer some relief.

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PTSD – It Isn’t Just Combat-related, It’s Life

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® just issued its latest press release which focuses on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). And although it is a well-known problem for veterans, it is no longer the case that just combat soldiers are being diagnosed with the disease…surprisingly, as many as 7-8% of the US population will have PTSD sometime during their lives. It affects millions, and  here are just a few of its victims:

  • Health disease patients (cancer, heart attack, stroke): just getting diagnosed with a life-affecting disease can cause PTSD symptoms; factor in chemotherapy and fear of the future…and patients experience multiple layers of ongoing trauma
  • People who have experienced childhood trauma or illnesses
  • Children experiencing bullying, including cyber-bullying
  • Community members witnessing traumatic events in the news (Boston Marathon bombing, Oklahoma tornado victims, 9/11) or in person
  • Adopted children, especially those facing cultural and language changes
  • And the list goes on

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets Calm Alzheimer’s Patients and the Elderly

Many nursing homes, hospital acute psychiatric wards and Occupational Therapists already use weighted blankets to help calm agitated patients. We came across two interesting articles we thought we’d pass on to you in case you are a caregiver of a dementia or Alzheimer’s loved one.

A special note to the many wonderful caregivers out there:

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® would like to acknowledge the challenging work that so many caregivers do each day. It is tough “work”, even when caring for a loved one… and although we know you’ve heard it a million times before, please take care of yourself! Make sure you take some respite time, eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and keep your own social connections. If you don’t, you will burn out, and then you won’t be of help to your loved one or your own family, or yourself! We personally think that you owe YOURSELF a nice weighted blanket! 

We hope you are utilizing all of the great support services available should you have Alzheimer’s loved ones… for example, the Alzheimer’s Association has an incredible website with all sorts of helpful information, as well as community (support) forums and many helpful tools to assist you with your loved one’s care.

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets – Lifting The Weight of Life’s Pressures

Another recent press release from Mosaic Weighted Blankets®. This release focuses on the wide range of health issues and mental anxieties that the weighted blanket’s deep pressure touch stimulation can help with.  The release was picked up by hundreds of media and we’ll link to just one in case you want to see the release in its entirety. It basically says that weighted blankets can be a safe and effective non-drug therapy for anyone seeking a solution for loss of sleep or the need for calm. If you have one of our weighted blankets, I’m sure you would agree. If you don’t…read some of our blogs and customer stories, and maybe you’ll want to try one out.

Check out the Mosaic Weighted Blankets press release here.  

A Mosaic Weighted Blanket can calm people who are ill, anxious or upset. They feel like a firm hug, making one feel relaxed and safe.

A Mosaic Weighted Blanket can calm people who are ill, anxious or upset. They feel like a firm hug, making one feel relaxed and safe.


We are always looking for more inspiring customer stories to share with others (imagine if your story helped someone else with the same challenges!), so let us know what you think of your weighted blanket. Like us on Facebook, too. And share your thoughts with others relating to making life a bit less stressful for all.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets Helps A Young Child With PTSD

Susan is a grandmother from California and recently shared this story with Mosaic Weighted Blankets®: 

A Weighted Blanket Can Comfort Night Terrors and other PTSD symptoms

A Weighted Blanket Can Comfort Night Terrors and other PTSD symptoms

Night Terrors & PTSD:

About 9 months ago Susan’s adult daughter, Sharon, became the foster mom to a 3 year old boy named Joey. Joey continually experienced night terrors; he’d often toss and turn, and wake up throughout the night. Or he would sit up and scream. His night terrors literally kept his family up much of the night. Everyone was suffering from lack of sleep, and even therapy wasn’t helping resolve his flashbacks and night terrors. Surprisingly, Joey was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The family was really struggling.

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Cyber-bullying Victims May Experience PTSD

With so much in the news these days about cyber-bullying, we couldn’t help but notice several articles discussing how when kids have been bullied, in many cases they are later found to be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); which include anxieties, insomnia, the inability to focus and the tendency to be in a hyper-vigilant state (kind of like waiting for that second shoe to drop). Many kids can’t deal with the trauma they experience when they are victims of this type of abuse. We’ve definitely seen a lot of sad press lately about suicides, cutting and other escapes these kids have chosen to deal with their pain and isolation.

Cyber-bullying victims can suffer from PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and inability to relax.

Cyber-bullying victims can suffer from PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and the inability to relax.

In particular there was one interesting article in Psychology Today. One can only imagine how much “cyber-bullying” is evolving with all of the technology now that makes is so easy to be so cruel so quickly! Smart phones, social media…applications like Snapchat, which allows kids to swap photos that supposedly “disappear” in a few seconds… this seemingly has made kids much bolder in the types of photos they widely share, which may be explicit photos of someone else, shared socially just to be cruel. The Psychology Today article states that bullying has actually been officially added to the tradition medical definition of PTSD. It cites this from its source,… Continue reading

Relaxation at the Dentist – A “Weighted Blanket” with Paws!

We recently saw a wonderful photo that has been widely circulated on the internet and social media… we couldn’t help but feel that a weighted blanket would be “almost” as good as this dentist’s novel therapy to provide relaxation to his nervous patient! (we can’t compete with Fido…or can we?)

Mosaic Weighted Blankets applauds this dentist...he figures out another way to provide relaxation for his young patients!

Mosaic Weighted Blankets applauds this dentist…he figured out another way to provide a “weighted blanket” and relaxation for his young patients!








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