Pokemon Creator has Autism

As children, my kids favorite overall character was Pokemon. Once again, we have discovered absolute genius from someone who has Autism. 

Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, is one of the most important developers working in video games today. Tajiri was autistic. He came up with the idea of Pokemon from his childhood hobby of collecting bugs. Pokemon went on to be so successful that only one franchise, Super Mario, has sold more copies. 

• In high school, Tajiri played video games so obsessively that he almost didn’t graduate from high school. 

• After he graduated he chose to attend a 2-year trade school to learn about electronics. 

• Tajiri’s form of autism is called Asperger syndrome. Because he is autistic, Tajiri’s mind works differently. 

• An average human brain processes about 13 to 30 cycles of brain wave energy per second where as individuals with autism can process up to 250,000 cycles of brain wave energy per second. 

• Tajiri’s peers described him as incredibly creative but “eccentric” and excessively shy and “reclusive.”

• These are common attributes for those with Asperger’s, they are high functioning but social interaction is difficult for them. 

In light of these obstacles, Tajiri found his passion in life and become immensely successful. Tajiri is an inspiration.satoshi tajiri brasil pokemon

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