Sensory Issues? Mosaic Weighted Blankets Can Improve Quality of Life

Another testimonial, this one about how Mosaic Weighted Blankets® provided a Christmas Eve solution for a Missouri man’s sensory issues. His wife ordered his gift a bit late, but it arrived just as Santa was leaving on Christmas Eve! His gift was a royal blue plaid, 20 lb, men’s large Mosaic weighted blanket. The woman ordering it said that her husband liked pressure on his feet, and after receiving it and finding it a great sensory solution, his wife wrote to Mosaic Weighted Blankets:

Sensory issues are eased with a Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Sensory issues can be eased with a blanket from Mosaic Weighted Blankets.

“I wanted to let you know that the beautiful blanket (20 lbs.) arrived on Christmas Eve (late evening)!! Just in time! My husband LOVES it, and it was a wonderful surprise for him”.

Says Laura LeMond, “As founder of Mosaic Weighted Blankets, I know first-hand how pressure on one’s feet can help a body get a better night’s sleep. While in college, I found that I needed to stack books on my feet; and by age 30 I had actually graduated to putting sand bags into a large pillowcase. In 2010, I founded Mosaic Weighted Blankets, thinking I could help others with the same issue.”

Mosaic weighted blankets put slight pressure on the body to create a similar sensation a person might experience when receiving a hug or massage. They are thick enough to achieve the desired therapeutic pressure but thin enough to use year-round. The resulting effects can help people with sensory issues such as autism sleep more soundly.

Says LeMond, “Weighted blankets can help, the challenge is to get the word out that there is this great solution.” The customer testimonials sent to Mosaic Weighted Blankets are unbelievably inspiring. Says one mom, “I wish you could give every family in the country a few of these!” That same mom also went on to say that with all of the spending that people do on sleep-aids and supplements, that they should consider giving a weighted blanket a try. It’s truly a quality of life investment!



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