Sleeping “Soundly & Securely” Thanks to Mosaic Weighted Blankets!

We just got a wonderful email from a customer who was happy to have us share it with you… (we just love hearing from our customers!)…Tina’s son has had sleeping issues for years, and was diagnosed with learning disabilities and ADHD in the 6th grade. 

Here is the letter:

My son, Ryan, was always a very “busy” child; he had to be on the move all the time, and his attention span was short regarding things that didn’t interest him. He never liked to sleep alone, and had trouble falling asleep as well as sleeping through the night.

At school, he did very well socially but always seemed to struggle with his writing, spelling and reading skills. Luckily, he attended a school that was very progressive and child centered, and thus was supportive and flexible to his needs during these early years. We also went through years of Occupational Therapy to support his challenges.

In the 6th grade, he started having to deal with standardized testing requirements, and we had him tested for “learning differences”. It was determined that he had Dyslexia (difficulty with reading fluency), Dysgraphia (difficulty with writing fluency), and ADHD (trouble with focusing for long periods of time).


Many children with ADHD and other spectrum disorders struggle due to a lack of a good night’s sleep! A weighted blanket might help. Read Ryan’s Mom’s story!

He then worked with an educational therapist through the Middle School years to help with reading fluency.  Fortunately, he was permitted to use the keyboard for his writing assignments, and was given extra time on test taking. All of these support systems definitely helped. We tried changes in nutrition and special vitamin supplements, etc. but these did not seem to make much of a difference with the ADHD.

It wasn’t until High School that he entered a more traditional, and rigorous academic curriculum.  All of their resources helped him with his academic studies; however, he decided he wanted to try medication to assist with his abilities to focus, not only with studying but while taking driving lessons.  Under the supervision of a psychiatrist, he did find a medication that has worked very well for him.

Sleeping, though, has always been a problem…he is a very sensitive individual, and was finding that he still had trouble when he went to bed, to calm his mind enough to fall asleep quickly.  He still hated sleeping by himself.  Interestingly, he always mentioned that the feel of “weight” on his body seemed to help him relax…so he would pile tons of blankets and comforters on his body at bedtime to help him sleep. 

A few months ago, I happened to run into one of his former nannies, who is now a yoga instructor and very much involved with the healing arts.  I mentioned to her about Ryan’s ADHD diagnosis, and she sent me an email link to an article about “weighted blankets” for helping with this issue. 

And that was it…I mentioned the blanket to my son, who is currently 16….and he immediately “jumped” at the idea!!!!  We sent off for his Mosaic Weighted Blanket. It was “love at first feel” 🙂


Here is teenager Ryan happily sleeping under (and hidden under) his Mosaic Weighted Blanket! Photo by Mom.

I can’t believe what a difference it has made in Ryan’s sleeping habits. He looks forward to going to bed now…and mentions how “safe and secure” he feels with it, and how “soundly” he is sleeping. I have noticed that he also sometimes uses it when he is sitting around at his computer working. This will definitely be something that he will take with him when he goes off to college 🙂

That is his “story” – I hope Ryan’s tale can be of help to others.



(names have been changed for privacy reasons)  

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