Owls, Space and Minky Stripes – SPD help from Mosaic Weighted Blankets

What do Owls, Space and Minky Stripes have in common?

Kids with sensory processing challenges (SPD) will love them all! Cute owls, exciting space scenes, and lots of other fun fabrics to choose from (or you can provide your own unique fabric selection for a completely customized blanket)…and all Mosaic weighted blankets are constructed to provide a super tactile experience…promoting calming and improved sleep. And now with a Minky Stripe option as well…!

A new feature, the Minky Stripe, has recenty been added to Mosaic Weighted Blankets’ offering. This is a sensory 1-2 inch strip of minky fabric sewn onto one side of the blanket. It provides a great soft and cuddly tactile sensation for those with sensory needs.

A Minky Stripe provides a soft and cuddly tactile experience

A Minky Stripe provides an additional soft & cuddly tactile experience

Says Mosaic Weighted Blankets founder Laura LeMond, ” We’ve heard so many stories from SPD families who have seen first hand how a weighted blanket can help their kids slow down, calm themselves and relax. Here is just one testimonial from a recent customer.” Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a variety of exciting space themes!

“The past few months, our 11 year-old, ADHD, sensory-seeking son has been struggling to stay asleep. We’ve been searching for things to help him. Then I just happen to read an article about Laura and her weighted blankets. Its always been suggested that he carry heavy things or wear a weighted vest to help him calm down during the day, so this fell right in line. 

Well let me just say that the first night he had his weighted blanket, he slept blissfully! He absolutely loves his it! He wraps up like a sausage and just loves the weight of the blanket and its calming effect. I can literally see it in his face. He also loved being able to pick out the color which helped him buy into trying it (although it really didn’t take much convincing). And to just top things off, the material is so soft and cool and he has NEVER sweated in spite of having over 12 lbs of weight on him! 

For me, after seeing my son struggle and be misunderstood for so many years for always “seeking” out stimulation, I am just thrilled to find something that really makes a difference in his life. He has a heart of gold and I’m just so thankful to Laura for making each blanket with love and care. I highly recommend the investment for anyone. It will be one of the best you can make both for you and your child.”

Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a variety of cute patterns for SPD kids

Says Mosaic Weighted Blankets founder Laura LeMond, “Kids with sensory processing challenges or who are on the spectrum usually like “sensory sensitive” fabrics that can breathe, are soft and are not overly heavy, so our line of 100% cotton is a good fit. These kids respond well to the deep pressure touch stimulation that the blankets provide through our non-toxic poly-pellets, which are hand sewn into individual quilting squares to provide a therapeutic effect. The construction is also commercial grade, to withstand being dragged around, chewed on, fidgeted with, as well as washed over and over.”

Many experts correlate the desire for body pressure to how heavy x-ray blankets seem to relax dental patients or why people sleep better under heavy blankets on a cold winter’s night. Mosaic Weighted Blankets provide additional pressure to the body, which causes the body to secrete a hormone called serotonin. Over time the body converts serotonin to melatonin. Melatonin causes people to sleep better at night and, as a result, focus and concentrate better the next day.

Says LeMond, “Each child responds differently, it may simply provide a given child with a relaxing, snuggly feeling…but imagine, it could solve a huge issue like insomnia. You have to try it, and it is a drug-free!”  

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