Springing Forward…Help for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Since today is the start of day-light savings time, we started to think about saying goodbye to winter and hello (finally!) to spring! Initially our thoughts were going to be about all the great spring patterns we have… but then, we also reflected on all the wonderful testimonials we’ve had recently about how our weighted blankets have literally changed lives and brought new hope. So, this blog will share just one of those testimonials…from a mom having a daughter suffering from PTSD and depression. 

Spring patterns from Mosaic Weighted Blankets can help with anxiety and PTSD

Spring brings new hope

From mom, “THANK YOU!! my daughter has had to have 3 total hip replacements in 4 yrs. the last 2 yrs. she has been diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD. She had some residential treatment for the depression about 7 weeks they had her use a weighted blanket at night to help calm her and relax it her it not only did that but her pain decreased at night! She also used it when she doing class work in the hospital it helped her stay calm and stay focused She came home from treatment and has not been able to sleep!! She also is doing on line school and has struggled with test taking! Last night we used her blanket she slept all night and this morning she used it while doing some school work and had very little problem staying focused! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

Mosaic Weighted Blankets can reduce symptoms of PTSD and anxiety

Just a few spring fabrics from Mosaic Weighted Blankets… a weighted blanket can help reduce anxiety symptoms and get a better night’s sleep!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is showing up increasingly in adults, teens and children having experienced wide-ranging types of trauma, bullying and health crisis situations. Along with traditional treatments such as therapy, there are many self-calming therapies that are often used, such as meditation and stress management. A Mosaic weighted blanket may also be able to help.photo_61__98350.1374604084.1280.1280

Spring patterns from Mosaic Weighted Blankets can help with anxiety and PTSD

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