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Who can a weighted blanket help? (Are they just for kids?)

Some people think that weighted blankets are just for kids. That's not true! A grownup can have issues that affect the nervous system, including  SPD (sensory processing disorder) ADHD, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.  We sell blankets to many children and adults  with these disorders. Some people have trouble with naturally falling asleep, many suffer from sleep issues, in fact 22 Million (about...

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NBC’s Parenthood & Weighted Blankets

[caption id="attachment_314" align="aligncenter" width="180"] One of our favorite shows...a wonderful family drama dealing with the real-life challenges...and many joys...relating to having a child with Asperger's.[/caption]

NBC's popular show "Parenthood" is back this fall with a new season. We were pleased to discover that they were using a weighted blanket as a calming aid for Max, who is a character in the...

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