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Sensory Processing Disorder Treatment, Mosaic Weighted Blankets

We are proud to be featured in the Fall issue of, "Something Special Magazine"...check out page 44 to see the article.

[caption id="attachment_999" align="alignright" width="193"] Read about selecting a weighted blanket as part of sensory processing disorder treatment[/caption]

Weighted Blankets are the new hot thing on the market to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), including Asperger’s, ADD and ADHD,...

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Going on a Trip? Pack your Mosaic Weighted Blanket! Megan did…

We just got a lovely email from a customer, Megan. So nice to hear about her first trip to the ocean, and how her weighted blanket made the trip with her! 

[caption id="attachment_757" align="alignright" width="270"] Megan's first trip to the ocean, and her weighted blanket wasn't far from her side[/caption]

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to share a story about...

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Occupational Therapy for Children with ADHD

We came across an interesting post on WebMD that we thought we'd share with you that includes the use of weighted blankets as a therapy for children with ADHD. The article talks about how occupational therapists were using a technique called, sensory integrative therapy, as a part of the overall treatment for...

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Our Top 3 Blogs on Sensory Processing Disorder

Oftentimes, the medical community leaves us confused and alone when it comes to diagnoses of the neuro-behavioral sort. The last thing a parent facing one of these disorders needs is to feel along though. The very last thing. In the olden-days, we were told to join a support group. These days, we have the internet.

Now resources are everywhere --...

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Temple Grandin’s “squeeze machine” research suggests benefits of weighted blankets

An expert on animal behavior, Temple Grandin has designed humane handling systems for half the cattle-processing facilities in the US, and consults with the meat industry to develop animal welfare guidelines... Grandin’s books about her interior life as an autistic person have increased the world's understanding of the condition with personal immediacy -- and with import, as rates of autism diagnosis...

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets | Improving Sleep

Sleep Relief

For Sensory, Autistic, and Sleep Related Disorders

[caption id="attachment_298" align="alignleft" width="300"] Using a Mosaic Weighted Blanket can help in improving sleep patterns and in addressing insomnia.[/caption]

Located in the beautiful city of Austin, here at Mosaic Weighted Blankets we are truly passionate about helping everyone find sleep relief. Our weighted blankets are a true miracle...

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