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Mosaic Weighted Blankets – Lifting The Weight of Life’s Pressures

Another recent press release from Mosaic Weighted Blankets®. This release focuses on the wide range of health issues and mental anxieties that the weighted blanket's deep pressure touch stimulation can help with.  The release was picked up by hundreds of media and we'll link to just one in case you want to see the release in its entirety. It basically...

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets Helps A Young Child With PTSD

Susan is a grandmother from California and recently shared this story with Mosaic Weighted Blankets®: 

[caption id="attachment_574" align="alignright" width="168"] A Weighted Blanket Can Comfort Night Terrors and other PTSD symptoms[/caption]

Night Terrors & PTSD:

About 9 months ago Susan’s adult daughter, Sharon, became the foster mom to a 3 year old boy named Joey. Joey continually experienced night terrors; he’d often toss and...

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Cyber-bullying Victims May Experience PTSD

With so much in the news these days about cyber-bullying, we couldn't help but notice several articles discussing how when kids have been bullied, in many cases they are later found to be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); which include anxieties, insomnia, the inability to focus and the tendency to be in a hyper-vigilant state (kind of like waiting...

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Relaxation at the Dentist – A “Weighted Blanket” with Paws!

We recently saw a wonderful photo that has been widely circulated on the internet and social media... we couldn't help but feel that a weighted blanket would be "almost" as good as this dentist's novel therapy to provide relaxation to his nervous patient! (we can't compete with Fido...or can we?)

[caption id="attachment_533" align="alignleft"...

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets: A Better Night’s Sleep

You'll be seeing a lot of press activity in the coming weeks from Mosaic Weighted Blankets®. We are trying to get the good word out on all of the great customer testimonials that we have been collecting, as well as some of the new research that we keep coming across on all of the benefits of weighted...

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Austin American Statesman Article Includes Mosaic Weighted Blankets

We're pleased to announce that Mosaic Weighted Blankets has been included in an article in the Austin American Statesman!

The section of "Raising Austin" included an article titled, "Austin moms design products for play and sleep".  Our blankets were selected as one of the featured items in this article.

Here's what the Statesman had to say:

Local moms Laura LeMond...

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NBC’s Parenthood & Weighted Blankets

[caption id="attachment_314" align="aligncenter" width="180"] One of our favorite shows...a wonderful family drama dealing with the real-life challenges...and many joys...relating to having a child with Asperger's.[/caption]

NBC's popular show "Parenthood" is back this fall with a new season. We were pleased to discover that they were using a weighted blanket as a calming aid for Max, who is a character in the...

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets | Improving Sleep

Sleep Relief

For Sensory, Autistic, and Sleep Related Disorders

[caption id="attachment_298" align="alignleft" width="300"] Using a Mosaic Weighted Blanket can help in improving sleep patterns and in addressing insomnia.[/caption]

Located in the beautiful city of Austin, here at Mosaic Weighted Blankets we are truly passionate about helping everyone find sleep relief. Our weighted blankets are a true miracle...

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