Wild Ninja Writes About The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Starting with a discussion of Dr. Temple Grandin and her story of autism, resulting in her staunch advocacy for those with developmental disabilities, the article goes on to explain, “No one has to be convinced of the benefits of deep pressure; most of us enjoy a good massage. Such pressure is profoundly relaxing, and we pay big bucks to enjoy those sensations at spas and from massage therapists. We seek out massages from our spouses and partners, reveling in the touch after a long day at work. Pets know; they LOVE massages.”

This article is filled with excellent information on how to recognize if you or someone you know may be able to benefit from a weighted blanket. For example: “Deep pressure stimulation is one way of treating sensory defensiveness. If you can identify with this condition, take out a piece of paper and pen and make a list of what you do to make yourself comfortable nowadays. Trust me, the list will flow. “

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